Pool Club La Santa

Club La Santa at Christmas: A Review

Like holidays? Like playing sport? You’ll probably love it here. To give it it’s playful moniker, ‘Lanzagrotty’ is dismissed by many as trashy Spanish holiday destination (though probably less trashy than the likes of Benidorm or Magaluf) favoured by families who live on a diet of chips and find Caberet entertaining. While that might be […]

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Bubba Gump main course

Bubba Gump Cancun Review

Have you ever seen a fictional restuarant on TV or in a film and thought ‘they should make that’? Well, remember Bubba from Forrest Gump and his life long dream of owning a Shrimp restaurant? Yeah, someone made that, and turned it into a franchise, and it’s not that far off what Bubba probably had […]

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